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I went into the Bob Mills store here in Lubbock and was shocked by the sales person's attitude. He was surly. I told him this was my first time in the store and wanted to look around. He was mad that I wasn't looking at what he wanted to sell me. I explained that I didn't need high dollar furniture at this time and it really upset him and he didn't bother to hide his hostility. He offered to sell me a set and at the end of the year when I was... Read more

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Very bad quality. We purchased leather reclining sofa 3,2 and single seater 3 years back for almost 3.5k and purchased furniture protection plan. It has developed few tears and has faded spots. We immediately contacted bob mills and furniture protection plan people and after sending pics they did not do anything. They did not have courtesy to call back. When I called them they declined our claim. I think it is all fraud and scam to buy furniture... Read more

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Ordered a couch, received it broken, have had it serviced twice, well guess what broken again, called 3 times spoke with what they call themselves supervisors and nobody has called us back!!! Yes and our name is mispelled as well, DO NOT go to Bob Mills!!!! Next stop BBB!!!!! And social media!!!!! Read more

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Quality of furniture is pathetic. Bought living room set over 3000.00 and within 1 year had to have a couch replace a love seat arm repaired which wasn't repaired properly and now the same arm is still broken.. Bob Mills does not honor the 4 yr warranty, they pawn you off to a third party co.. This third party company takes your info and tells you they will only to come to you house when they are in the area, so basically at their convenience..... Read more

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I have never been so lied to in all of my shopping years. My husband and I recently purchased a memory foam bed, cooling mattress cover and 2 of their 'state of the art' cooling pillows. I was unsure about wanting the pillows and was promised that if I got them home and I didn't like it within 30 days, that I could return it with a full refund. I slept on it a couple times and hated it. I took it back and the manager, Mike, had nothing to say... Read more

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We are disappointed in the quialty and service and the run around we have got from Bob Mills people. I would try a differant store if you need anything. The arms on the recliner flattened out. A company named saw came out, they cut slits on the inside of the arms took stuffing out of an old coushion To fill the arms, they could not fix the lining they cut then the stuffing started to fall out on the carpet. Again a man came out, they the zippers... Read more

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I purchased a mattress and bed spent over 3700 adjustable frame free the next day we went to a different store found the same mattress wireless frame and a bed close to what we purchased the price was 3900 I called the salesman told him I was canceling my order he called right back said bob mills will match the price I paid another 227.00 and agreed to shipment. Well the bed/mattress/and adjustable frame arrived today it is not what I ordered... Read more

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Very dishonest salesman. Our salesmen told us we had 90 nites and we could bring bed back for any reason with no charge. Me nor my husband slept AT ALL the first night due to slope in the middle of the bed. We called next day and they said no refund but they would give us an exchange for $500 restocking fee. We intended on buying new furniture from them but decided to NEVER do business with them. Our salesman lied about many details of our... Read more

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Bought this and it started peeling 10 months later. Leather? I think not, they told me it was leather everywhere the body touched it. Lol No more purchases from Bob Mills. Its about 3 years old now. Got new Real Leather recliners coming from a reputable dealer that will sand by his product.

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Horrible place to buy a mattress. 25 year mattress didnt last 3 years. Warrenty claim was denied. We wouldnt recommend bob mills for any purchase. I wonder if Bob mill really knows how bad his customer servive is. Maybe he should do the undercover boss show. Pam yocham Andrews Texas

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